Unruly charges can be brought by any party against a juvenile, but are most commonly brought by parents or schools for conduct which is less than criminal, but requires court assistance in maintaining a child's behavior.

​If you need to bring an unruly charge, or your child is charged in an unruly case, you would be best served by having an attorney assist you with this, as the consequences can escalate and affect a child for the remainder of childhood or even life.

​In an unruly case, the party bringing the charge can be forced to prove the case beyond a reasonable doubt or an agreement can be reached. Either way, if a child is found to be unruly, the juvenile court can place them on probation. While an unruly does not initially carry the potential of time in the juvenile detention center, if you violate court orders, you may be placed in juvenile detention for up to (90) days as a result of the violation​

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