No One Should Face a Jury Alone in Cleveland or Akron, OH

No One Should Face a Jury Alone in Cleveland or Akron, OH

Our defense attorney will stand by you during your felony hearing

Facing felony charges can be daunting. Remember that in the eyes of the law, you're considered innocent until proven guilty. Consult with a defense attorney in Cleveland & Akron, OH as soon as you can so you can discuss your charges and begin building your case.

The defense attorney at CORRIGAN LAW OHIO can represent you if you're facing felony charges for...

  • Theft or fraud
  • A violent crime
  • ​A drug crime
  • A sex crime
  • A weapons crime

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Facing felony drug charges?

If you've been charged with a felony drug crime in Cleveland or Akron, OH, you're facing a serious loss of your liberty. Possession of any drug can be charged as a felony in the state of Ohio, and you could be facing prison time, probation or both.

What happens next depends largely on...

  • Whether you were using or selling drugs
  • If you had a gun in your possession
  • Whether you were near children or a school
  • What quantity of drugs you're accused of having on your person

No one should ever attempt to navigate a felony drug charge by themselves. Do yourself a favor by working with an experienced drug possession attorney.

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